I’ll Seduce You With My Words


I’ll seduce you with my words.

I’ll wrap them around you until you feel their meaning like I do;

Until the dots of my i’s pierce your thoughts

And you become lost in the curve of my O’s.


I’ll tear you apart with my prose.

For in writing I can cut out the lethal sentences I never meant to say;

I can place every word

So you’re left with the bittersweet taste of my truth on your tongue

As you read the words I wrote for you.


It’s all I have.

Life hypnotises me with its sights and scents and sounds

Its promise of thrill

The places left unexplored;

The rules I’ve yet to disregard.


I lose myself sometimes.

I hear somebody I do not know

Speaking through my body and whispering hatred into my mind.


I’ll seduce you with my words.

Will you let me explain my fucked-up brain

Before it tries in desperation to explain itself through anger and pain?



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