Emotions; Illusions.

Emotions. What are they?

Chemical illusions. Liberating, heartbreaking, euphoric and intoxicating: still nothing but chemical illusions. I speak openly about a so-called ‘personality disorder’ for it is a malfunction of nothing but chemical illusions, created in my brain and perceived by other people.

What does it mean? Where do we draw the line between perception and truth; illusion and reality? What if that gap is a whole other dimension, a loophole in the forced beliefs of an entire race of people?

We are a prisoner to our feelings. A psychopath murders without regret because he lacks the ability to feel the pain of his actions. Had he been able to understand the heart-wrenching grief of the victim’s family, would he have committed the same crime so thoughtlessly?

My point is, basically: emotions are what tie us together as friends and family – and as a society – but they are also what tear us apart internally and interject our lives with pain and torment.

Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.


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