Anybody Who is Anybody

Minds full of thoughts battling for attention,

Lips frozen around the first syllables of words never to be spoken.

Strokes of inspiration

Lost amongst a jumble of colloquial nouns and pretentious laughter.

People flitting in and out of lives like light reflections on stormy water,

Stumbling blindly down their own paths like headlights on a dark country lane.

Battling with fantasy and reality;

A world where anything is possible, and a world that is hideously unforgiving.

Sparks and flames driving hot-headed passion,

Powerful infatuation and deceivingly happy hours spent in denial.

Travelling through life as though through molten iron:

Struggling to keep our heads above the surface, and burning underneath.

When the thick, hot blood no longer runs through our veins,

When our idiosyncrasies have died with the last beat of our hearts,

Will I be just another girl you once knew?


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