Take a Risk

Let me climb the protective walls you have built around yourself, and trust me not to shy away from your vulnerability.

When you meet the person who makes you feel more alive than you’ve ever been, you will know. You’ll fit perfectly in their arms, your words and bodies and beliefs will entwine like ivy and you will be just as able to sit in comfortable silence as you’ll be to talk into the early hours of the morning.

They say it’s better to have loved and lost, but what if you love and never have? What if the further you reach, the further they back away? Those rare, unconventional moments – when their arms are around your waist and your fingers are lost in their hair – they just feel so right.

Outward confidence; quiet creativity; the beautiful but vulnerable person you become when you lose yourself enough in me to let your guard down. Hey, listen. I want to show you my world and make you smile. Running between the shelter of trees late at night in the pouring rain. Childish humour, inside jokes. Understanding and balance, intensity with space to miss. Coffee, shared late-night cigarettes and ice-cold beers. Winks and whispers, sex and memories. Sharing the echo of irretrievable words and heartbeats.


2 thoughts on “Take a Risk

  1. Wao..thanks for sharing such thoughts. Actually i am a bit shy about sex but these suggestions are really awesome. thanks

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