Lost in Time

It’s a funny thing, time. It heals all wounds, yet it draws us ever closer to wounds which are yet to be created. It combines every element of life into one, weaving the threads of our past into a delicate chain of memories.

Do you live in the past – a recollection of what was and will never be again? Or do you live in constant anticipation of the future, even though the future never really comes?

Living with nostalgia is a painfully beautiful way to live. To travel back to days gone by and feel emotions which have been intensified by time is a sure way to seek wisdom and understanding. But is it worth the pain of confronting the irredeemable errors of our ways, the regret that memories of wonderful days will only ever be a shared figment of our imaginations?

Perhaps time is an enemy which confines us to mortality and weakens us beyond repair.  “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will; To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” We cannot escape the ticking clock as it mars our beauty and limits the beating of our hearts. Memories lost were once eagerly awaited, when suddenly, they became no more than distant thoughts locked away in our past.

The past is gone forever, but tomorrow will always be an illusion, for it becomes today as soon as it arrives. Maybe sometimes, we should just allow ourselves to be lost in the midst of time. Instead of resisting falling into the cavity of the dimension which we will never understand, we should stop holding on, and let ourselves fall.


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