What’s the point?

Looking out of the window over the city I grew up in, I feel powerless and shallow. I know nothing of the world, but at least I am not suffering from the delusion that I can discover the mechanisms of time and space. We will never know. 

Imagine intelligence: the knowledge of how the universe came to be; an understanding of the smallest particle which exists; an ability to see every wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum. Why is it that the complexity of our perception and the things we invent has evolved faster than our understanding?

A wise person is able to see that humans are surviving like robots in a world they are not suited to. They run the rat race, ruled by routine and restrictions. We are the dominant species because we have intelligence that other species do not, for we have evolved as such – although it is purely one dimensional. What exists between the cavity of time and space? What defines the boundaries of the expanding universe, and what lies outside?

Emotions are chemicals, movement is electricity. We are machines; prisoners. We are built to see the world in a certain way, and so to another, the world could be anything. Have you ever had the feeling that you’re waiting for something exciting to happen, but you don’t know what it is? It’s almost as though something has programmed you to feel the way you do; to question, but never discover.

Life is complex, simple, beautiful, ugly, just and evil. Be sure of nothing, for things are never, ever as they seem.


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