Stay With Me

We walk along the riverside in the soft wind and pouring rain. Companionable silence fills the space between us. Trees sway and scatter their yellowing leaves over us into the crisp October air.

You complete me and I don’t want you to leave. Stay with me, stay in this perfect bubble and let’s shut out the world. Forget about work. Miss your train. Spend the night with your arms around me.

You’re all I want; your warmth and laugh and sexy smile. I am addicted to your scent. I feel more myself around you than I’ve ever felt around anyone. You’ll be stealing half of my very being when your train pulls out of the station.

I will stand and watch as it gathers speed, turns the corner, and leaves me broken on the platform, my lips frozen around the first syllable of your name; the delicate trail of an icy tear on my cheek.

Can our paths not collide into one? I am painfully and irrevocably entranced by you. You are a tidal wave which has wreaked havoc upon my life, crashing and breaking over the empty routine which I existed in before. You cannot walk away from the damage which you alone have created.

Stay with me, my hope, my strength, my other half.


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