The Pace of Life

One day we will find perfection. In the summer, we shall wake up each morning in a cool, simply decorated bedroom with light wooden panelling and pale blue rugs clothing the laminate flooring. The soft morning sunlight will creep over the balcony looking out across the ocean and through the patio door, bathing the room in its warm, gentle glow.

We shall lie together for a while, listening to the sound of waves lapping at the rocks down by the shore, and the distant calls of the seagulls which dance in the salty air. We shall feel nothing but content in our cocoon. The long days will stretch out into a haze of relaxation, intimacy and the joy of each other’s company. We shall cook, walk, talk, laugh and swim together.

As the summer days shorten and the crisp golden blanket of autumn arrives, we shall settle comfortably back into our responsibilities and routines. We shall hold memories close to our hearts, and wait in excitement of the wonderful times we have yet to share. Never will we let slip the spark between us.

We will appreciate the small things, like hidden notes; breakfast in bed; a shared sense of humour which only we can fully understand. And as the nostalgia of autumn becomes the cosy warmth of Christmas time, we will spend our evenings wrapped around each other in front of the fire, watching films and talking until the early hours of morning.

When spring brings a chilly freshness to the air, we shall get up early to go for runs in the rejuvenating morning breeze. We will make plans for the future, and we will look back upon old times and laugh with the comfort of knowing that although our lives are changing irrevocably, we are moving through it together, at our pace.

And when one of our days goes badly wrong, which some inevitably will, we will come home with the comfortable knowledge that the soothing smile and warm embrace waiting for us will make the problems of the day seem irrelevant.

Nothing makes life seem more worthwhile than walking down its path with someone who can match your stride. And I cannot wait to meet the one who matches mine.


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